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1-2-3-4   -   Niels Poulsen
A Devil In Disguise    -    Patricia E. Stott & Alan G. Bircha
A Double Whiskey   -   Gary O' Reilly
Again And Again   -   Alison Briggs, Peter Metelnick, Jo Kinser

Aint No Fool - Justine Brown
Amazing Grace   -   Rachael McEnaney
And Get It On   -   Daniel Trepat & Jose Miquel BelleQue Vane
Angel in Blue Jeans   -   Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick
Another One Bites The Dust   -   Ryan Hunt 
Any Body Looking for A Fool   -   Susanne Mose

Alabama Slammin'   -   Rachael Mc.Enaney
All Day Long   -   Garry Lafferty
Beer, Band and Barstoolb   -   Annelise Vestergaard          23/24
Big Jimmy   -   Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan
Brand New Day   -   Ria Vos
Boobs (aka the hibby shake)   -   Adrian Churm
Calypso Mexico - Ria Vos
Carribean Plans   -   Will Bos & Colin Ghys
Carnival Ride   -   Tina Argyle
Carters Rock   -   Diana Dawson
Cherry Bomb   -   Rob Fowler
Cold Heart   -   Maddison Glover
Come as You are   -   Yvonne Anderson
Come On Down   -   Gudrun Schneider
Corazon Diamante   -   Roy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher & Garry O'Reilly
Country Party   -   Lise & Søren Schæffer
Crazy for You   -   Robbie McGowan Hickie
Crucified   -   Rob Fowler & Helen O'Malley 
Dance Before You Leave Me   -   Maggie Gallagher                     
Dancing Violins   -   Maggie Gallagher
Dig Your Heels   -   Maddison Glover
Dim The Lights   -   Maddison Glover & Simon Ward
Do It All Again   -   Niels Poulsen
Don't Disturb Me   -   Niels Poulsen
Drink Drank Drunk   -   Rachael McEnaney
Every Light   -   Karl-Harry Winson
Don't Hurt   -   Karl-Harry Winson & Kate Sala
50 Ways   -   Patt Stot
Far From The Charts   -   Niels Poulsen
Firecracker   -   Robert Lindsay
Flavour Of The Month - Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
Fly High- Maggie Gallagherf
Funky Sole - Robbie McGowan & Karl-Harry Winson
Friday Yet - Nadia Kreig
Full House - Michelle Risley
Galway Girls - Chris Hodgson
Ghosted   -   Niels Poulsen                               23/24 ÅD
Give Me Shivers - Julia Wetzel
Gost Town - Marie Sørensen

Graffiti   -   Karl-Harry Winson.
Green Door   -   Patricia E. Stott
Greater Than Me   -   Maggie Gallagher
Groovy Love   -   Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, Jonas Dahlgren
Gypsy Queen   -   Hazel Pace
Hand Me Downs   -   Gary O'Reilly
Heart Of My Mind   -   Kate Sala
Hey Brother   -   Gudrun Schneider & Marina Ecke
Hey Now   -   Gary O'Reilly

Hold A Candel.  -   Robbie McGowan & Karl-Henry Winson.
I Cross my Heart   -   

The Worst 15 Minutes   -   Tom & Wendy Monagha
They Call Me The Breeze   -   Gaye Teather, Andrew & Sheila Palmer
This Ole Boy   -   Rachel McEnaney
This Is Me   -   Yvonne Anderson
Thorn in My Side   -   Niels Poulsen
Those Russians   -   Niels Poulsen
Til You Can't   -   Gary O'Reilly
Tonight Is Real   -   Maggie Gallagher
Train Wreck   -   Niels Poulsen
Try Again   -   Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan
Twist & Turns   -   Maddison Glover
Wagon Wheel Rock   -   Yvonne Anderson
Walk Alone   -   Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan 
Walking Away   -   Maria Hennings Hunt
Walt Down Towv   -   Helle Petersen
We Only Live Once   -   Robbie McGowan
What If I Stay   -   Julia Wetzel
When Youre Drunk   -   Heather Barton & Glynn Rodgers
 When I Need You   -   Karl-Harry Winson
Where My Love Goes   -   Maggie Gallagher
Where Nowhere Is   -   Rachael McEnaney
Whiskeys Gone   -   Rob Fowler
Whiskeys On Ice   -   Karl-Harry Winson               23/24

In My Heart   -   Maggie Gallagher
In Walked You   -   Maggie Gallagher                   23/24
If I Could Take Your Place   -   Audrey Watson
Island Moon    -    Alison Johnstone & Claire Cherry
Jig about   -   Maggie Gallagher
Joyride   -   Robbie McGowan
Judy Likes To Rock   -   Niels B. Poulsen
Jump on a Ride   -   Ria Vos
Keep It Simple   -   Karl-Harry Winsom og Dwight Messen
Kiss Of Heaven - Niels Poulsen                                           
Knee Deep   -   Peter Metelnick & Alison  Biggs
Knock Off   -
Love You In A Barrel   -   Niels Poulsen
La Luna   -   Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
Lay Low   -   Darren Bailey
Legend   -   Robbie McGowan & Karl-Harry Winson
Love Her Like That   -   Gary O'Reilly
Make This Day   -   Rachael McEnaney
Manjaro   -   Robbie McGowan
Martha Devine   -   Tina Argyle
Marina   -   Ria Vos
Melodia   -   Kim Ray & Tina Argyle                                 
Miller Magic   -   Andrew Palmer, Simon J. & Sheila A. Cox
Mira Sofia   -   Carrie Ann Green & Suzi Beau
Mom the Bomp   -   Niels Poulsen
Moves   -   Simon Ward & Shane McKeever
My Angel And Me.  -   Karl-Harry Winson.
My Final Pour   -   Joshua Talbot & Helen Ng                  23/24
My First Love - Robbie McfGowan
Nancy Mulligan - Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly
Never Ending Party - Ria Vos
Nimby - Maggie Gallagher
9 To 5 - Kim Ray
Nobody's Fool - Vikki Morris
One Hundred - Niels Poulsen
Oh Cecilia - Vikke Morris
Open My Eyes - Tina Argyle
Over Time - Chris Hodgson
Perfect - Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot
Poco Loco - lison Biggs & Peter Metelnick
Pull You Through - Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski
Rainmaker - Niels Poulsen
Recovering - Guillaume Richard
Reflection - Alison Johnstone
Remember Us This Way - Alison Johnstone &Daniel Trepat

Rock and Roll - Robbie McGowan
Rock Paper Scissors - Maggie Gallagher
Rolling Stone - Niels Poulsen
Roots - Tina Argyle
Same Boat - Rachael McEnaney
Save The Day - Karl-Harry Winson
Scootin' Bootin'   -   Mark Paulino                           23/24 ÅD
Second Hand Heart - Maggie Gallagher
Second To Midnight - Karl-Harry Winson
Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS) - Gary O'Reilly
She Cares - Niels Poulsen
Shot of Tequila - Fred Whitehouse
Silverado   -   Gary O'Reily                                    23/24
So Just Dance Dance Dance - José Miguel Belloque

Solder - José Miguel Belloque Vane

Still Love Me Tomorrow - Rachael McEnaney

Stitch It Up - Robbie McGowan
Streamboat Queen   -   Niels Poulsen                      23/24

Suspicious Minds. - Wil Bos
10.000 Hours - Vikki Morris
Tears On A Highway - Francien Sittrop
The Belle Of Liverpool - Audrey Watson

The Flute - Maggie Gallagher
The One You're Waiting on - Maddison Glover
The Other Side (Wow Hawaii) -
Will Crai, Jo & John Kinser, Rachael McEnaey, Niels Poulsen,
Kate Sala & Roy Verdonk
The Right Track - Robbie McGowan
The Shape of you - Trevor Thornton
The Shoebox - Dee Musk

Woman Trouble   -   Tina Argyle & Karl Harry Winsom
WonderTrain   -   Ria Vos
Written in Scars   -   Karl-Harry Winson & Ross Brown

www.west  -   Rob Fowler & Shelly Guichard.                               
Yes!   -   Simon Ward    
Yong Man's Town   -   Bert Vonk                         23/24

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